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    2000 - 2-Tone Ribbon Pigtail Bows

    2-Tone Ribbon Pigtail Bows.

    2010 - Small Pigtail Basic Ribbon Bows

    Small Pigtail Basic Ribbon Bows. Approximately 3" wide.

    2030 - Mini Ribbon Pigtail Bows

    Mini Ribbon Pigtail Bows. Approximately 2 1/2" wide.

    2040 - Chevron Pigtail Bows

    Chevron Pigtail Bows. Approximately 3" wide.

    934 - Plaid Pigtail Button Bows

    934 - Pair of Plaid Button Bows with Ribbon

    944 - Pigtail Double Tailored Ponytail Bows

    Pigtail Double Tailored Ponytail Bows. Approximately 2 1/2" wide.

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